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Cisaplast: Frame Parts
Electric Cover with Cable Hole Heater Retaining Plastic Profile Top Hindge Screw Plastic Hinge Bush Trim (Width: 31mm - Length: 692mm) Trim (Width: 31mm - Length: 692mm) Trim (Width: 31mm - Length: 169mm) Trim Mullion Face (Width: 65mm - Length: 1553mm) Trim Cable Hole (Width: 31mm - Length: 169mm) Trim (Width: 31mm - Length: 692mm) Heater Retaining Plastic Profile Trim (Width: 31mm - Length: 692mm) Hinge Plate Assembly Hold Open Spring Hinge Plate Screw Protection Lamp Spring Bottom Lamp Socket Bottom Protection Cap Top Lamp Sockets Electric Cover with No Cable Hole Top Protection Cap Lamp Cover (Options) Clips (Options) Heater (Options)

Simply click on the part number, and you will enter our e-commerce site where you will not only be able to view a photograph of the desired part, but you will also be offered the opportunity to purchase online.

Cisaplast Frame Parts Exploded Diagram 1 (PDF) 171Kb
Cisaplast Frame Parts Exploded Diagram 2 (PDF) 121Kb

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